I’m Brad Kreidle. I founded MainLine West  to capitalize on investment opportunities in municipal securities. In 2008, I gathered an elite team of career professionals to capitalize on opportunities in the municipal bond market.  Our mission was to build a client-focused firm with investments customized for individual high net worth investors, and to construct closed-end funds with a conservative strategy that balances enhanced returns from municipal bonds with prudent risk management to drive investment decisions.

Since our founding, the firm has successfully deployed two currently functioning fund portfolios and manages individual investor portfolios with total fund and individual assets under management exceeding $750 million.  This steady asset growth trajectory and perpetual deployment of fund products contributes to the stability of the firm and a unique combination of product, experience, and performance for qualified investors. 

I began my career in the mid 1980’s as a municipal analyst for Stern Brothers, a regional muni firm and led the computerization effort to establish a cash and carry municipal arbitrage account. This trade incorporated the bond buyer futures contract at the CBOT. A key component of this was the cheap/rich evaluations for the futures contract, as well as, the universe of outstanding municipal bonds. We implemented this program on behalf of major money managers, mutual funds, and insurance companies while at Seattle Northwest. I joined George K. Baum and Co. in 1990, and advanced to the head trader position. In this capacity, I oversaw the risk management of the firm’s bond inventory and all compliance and supervisory functions of the GKB trading team. The firm’s annual secondary transactions totaled an estimated $2 billion annually. I was a leading market maker in tax exempt GNMA municipal bonds executing a significant percentage of all transactions as principal, and on behalf of institutional customers. I was also instrumental in developing and maintaining the leading database for prepayment analysis by bond structure, interest rates, and regional differentiation.

Join me, as I and our investment team analyze and interpret the municipal bond market.

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